Revolutionizing Customer Engagement with Artificial Intelligence


IADUX provides a comprehensive suite of AI-powered services designed to transform business operations and customer engagement strategies across various industries. Leveraging the capabilities of advanced machine learning and natural language processing technologies, IADUX offers tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of businesses aiming to harness the power of AI for competitive advantage.

Custom GPT Integration

IADUX specializes in Custom GPT Integration, utilizing GPT Builder to train and deploy highly specialized chatbots and AI assistants. These AI models are fine-tuned with industry-specific data to provide accurate, context-aware responses that enhance customer service, automate routine inquiries, and facilitate seamless interactions across multiple channels.

AI-Powered Chatbots

The service extends across various messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and web-based chat interfaces, making it versatile for businesses looking to engage with customers where they are.

AI Websites, and Web Apps

IADUX offers development services for AI-powered SaaS products, websites, and web applications. These services are aimed at businesses looking to integrate AI functionalities into their digital offerings or to build AI-first products from the ground up.


Customer engagement through AI website chatbot


Empower AI to answer and close sales, for your customer. 

AI-FB Messenger

AI Facebook Messenger. Answer your qustomer enquiries


Opt for IADUX for seamless AI and ChatGPT integration into WhatsApp, ensuring 24/7 automated customer support tailored to your brand. Our expertise revolutionizes customer engagement, offering customizable solutions and valuable insights to elevate your service standards effortlessly.

Human Need to Sleep

Limited Availability : Human agents require regular breaks, time off, and have fixed working hours, which limits their availability. This can lead to delays in responding to customer inquiries, particularly during off-hours, weekends, or holidays, potentially causing customer dissatisfaction and lost sales opportunities.

Human Do Errors

Inconsistent Response Quality: Fatigue and the repetitive nature of answering frequent inquiries can lead to inconsistencies in the quality and accuracy of responses provided by human agents. Over time, this can impact the overall customer experience and may harm the company's reputation.

IADUX is Your Solution

  • 24/7 Customer Support: Highlight how businesses can offer non-stop support to their customers, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

  • AI-Powered Responses: Detail the smart, context-aware interaction capabilities that can handle a wide range of customer queries.

  • Seamless Integration: Explain the ease of integrating IADUX's AI solutions into existing WhatsApp Business accounts.

  • Customizable AI Solutions: Mention the ability to tailor AI responses to fit the brand voice and specific business needs.

  • Analytics and Insights: Briefly touch on how businesses can gain valuable insights into customer interactions for continuous improvement.


For small and medium-sized companies, IADUX focuses on enhancing customer engagement through AI-driven WhatsApp OR WEB interface Customer Service Chat agent communication. The implementation aims to automate customer service, providing immediate, intelligent responses to customer inquiries, thus boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction without the need for extensive manual interaction.


For large corporate enterprises, the IADUX platform extends beyond customer engagement to encompass internal company use.


It is engineered to assimilate and learn from an array of corporate documents and internal resources such as company policies, vision and mission statements, and preferred practices.


This comprehensive understanding allows the AI to deliver content and responses that align with the company's ethos, ensuring excellence in delivery. This not only sharpens the AI's external communication with customers but also supports internal queries, promoting an informed and cohesive work environment.


By integrating with IADUX, corporate enterprises can expect a significant elevation in both external customer interaction and internal communication efficiency, resulting in faster, more precise content delivery that is in harmony with the company's standards and values.

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